The Garden is almost done!

The terrace and garden project is nearing completion, just in time for summer. The happy owners will soon be able to enjoy their new seating, eating, reading and sun-bathing platforms, to the light breeze of the mountain air, shade of the pines, smell of flowers, and sounds of water trickling down the long pond. 

"The Place Beyond the Coast: A Spatio-Political History of Mount Lebanon’s Interior"

A paper on the history of Mount Lebanon's landscapes, and its relationship to the Lebanese Coast, "The Place Beyond the Coast" was presented on March 23rd at the "Place that Remains: Recounting the Unbuilt Territory" Conference at LAU Beirut.

The conference was organised in parallel with Lebanon's first national participation in the Venice Architecture Biennale opening in May 2018, curated by Hala Younes. 

Read more about the conference here, and the Lebanese pavilion here

Place Conf.jpg